Another amazing interactive installation at Desert X, the Coachella of Art

Desert X is basically an incredible art scavenger hunt, but "Coachella" seemed like good shorthand for a bunch of talented artists doing cool stuff in the desert. The 16 installations draw inspiration from the arid desert landscape and will only be on display for a limited amount of time.
  1. This morning I stopped by Hollow Earth by Glenn Kaino. This might be my favorite Desert X installation yet.
  2. At first it appeared to be a "Breaking Bad" situation.
  3. The shed is locked. You have to text "hollowearth" to a number in order to receive the code.
  4. Inside is a hallway.
  5. Turn the corner and you see a hole with a pane of glass across the top.
  6. But press a button on the wall and ...
  7. My son was scared.
  8. He felt around with his foot.
  9. Tested it out.
  10. And then made himself at home.
  11. I literally had to carry him away.
  12. I'm into it too.