1. Yep, he's dead.
  2. No! When you're on a dinosaur island, you go low. Dinosaurs find it much harder to look under things.
  3. Whoa.
  4. Damn.
  5. Is that the guy from New Girl?
  6. How could they expect the raptors to eat the dinosaurs but not eat people? Stupid.
  7. The management on this island really sucks.
  8. Uh-oh.
  9. That's quite a pterodactyl.
  10. Seriously?
  11. Seriously.
  12. That romance is very improbable.
  13. Better figure out that cattle prod, kid.
  14. What the heck is that?
  15. Nope. You are not on his side. You're just a side dish.
  16. Oof.
  17. What's she going to do?
  18. Oh, she's not going to get eaten? That's too bad.
  19. There are still dinosaurs out there, people!
  20. We are never going to a dinosaur park.