1. What's that sound?
  2. Oh, tiny skateboard wheels.
  3. Who knew tiny wheels would make such a big sound?
  4. If they wake my baby, I'll gleam their cubes.
  5. That's a thing, right? Gleaming the cube?
  6. Am I the only person who saw that movie?
  7. Christian Slater was so hot.
  8. My god, those wheels are loud.
  9. I should call the cops.
  10. Whoa, who am I? When did I become this person?
  11. They're just kids having fun. They're not doing anything wrong.
  12. I used to have a "sk8 or die" sticker in my locker.
  13. Back then I thought skating was a way of life, not just a hobby. It informed a person's entire philosophy.
  14. I didn't skate, though.
  15. I wanted to.
  16. It's amazing that skating is still a phenomenon, that kids are still into it.
  17. I love how youth culture embraces anything that represents freedom. That no matter how the world changes, there will always be kids gathering in parking lots at 1 a.m., exhilarated and alive.
  18. But seriously, where are their mothers?
  19. I should call the cops.