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These are a few things that have entered (or re-entered) my life that I've been enjoying
  1. This erasable pen
    I usually never use pens for the very reason of them not being erasable, but this one is!! And it's incredible!!! If you can't tell I'm still very amazed by this.
  2. These long eggplants
    I had never seen these before moving to Taiwan, and although I had never disliked eggplant when prepared well, I for some reason like these a lot more then the regular type.
  3. France inter
    The french elections were crazy. Things worked out in the end (even though there's still the legislatives to watch out for) but the past few months there's been a lot of information that I didn't want to miss and this was great for filling me in on the smaller things I might not have read on the news. And even now that the elections are over I still love listening to it because I just find it really entertaining.
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Yes I'm still technically growing, but I mean in my early childhood. Even though these are still favorites today.
  1. Annie
    For a period of time my older sister and I watched a daily rotation of Annie, and (her choice)....
  2. The sound of music
    I grew to love it dearly.
  3. Les demoiselle de rochefort
    This is one of those things my mom made me watch as a "part of my education" but despite my resistance I couldn't help but love it. It's just this strange mixture of extravagant and beautiful, while being slightly bizarre and ridiculous-but in the best way. I don't know who wouldn't enjoy watching it at least once.
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  1. That first cold winter breeze after months of sweltering summer heat.
  2. The sound and smell of onions cooking.
  3. Hearing birds on a sunny morning.
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The smaller cases of grief people rarely acknowledge. This could also be titled "Maia's biggest insignificant first world problems". Every one can cry for me now, thanks.
  1. Waiting for things to be graded
    The original inspiration for this list.
  2. Raisins
    These little suckers really do like to hide and disguise themselves.
  3. When an essay/test (especially test) is worth half or more of your grade.
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  1. Ça fait un an depuis les attentats du 13 novembre.
    It has been one year since the attacks of November 13th.
  2. Une année, mais nous oublion jamais le victime de cette horrible journée.
    One year, but we will never forget the victims of that dreadful day.
  3. Mon cœur souffre encore parce que je ne pouvais pas aider et soutenir mon pays pendant une période tellement difficile et dévastatrice dans notre histoire.
    My heart still aches because I could not help and support my country during a difficult and devastating time in our history.
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  1. In this moment in time Donald J. Trump has just won the American presidential elections.
  2. I feel very sad, and extremely embarrassed.
  3. While I am not myself an American, I feel embarrassed that we as human beings who in the end are all in this life together, would vote for such a man.
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  1. Some Australian tourist: I just wish I didn't feel like I need to vomit. Me: I just wish I didn't relate so much to that sentence.
  2. we're surrounded by sea bushes
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  1. When it's raining
  2. When you just want to fish by the lake, but those uv rays are HARSH
  3. When you're having a bad hair day
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  1. I'm just surrounded by tropical storms.
  2. That big one is only currently a level 5 hurricane.
    There only are five levels
  3. And it's headed right for Taiwan.
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  1. Yangmingshan is a national park in Taiwan known for its natural hot springs and incredible mountains.
  2. We stayed in a hotel right on the boarder of the park and it was beautiful.
  3. More on that later, but firstly look at how scenic the drive there was.
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