A Reminder Of My Tininess

  1. So I just get off the flight and we're going into the immigration line
  2. I hear a mother and son in front of me talking to someone who works there and is keeping the line moving
    Ahh it's always exciting when I can understand people's conversations. (Not a creep I promise)
  3. She asks how old the son is and he replies 14.
    Which is also my age
  4. So the line is moving and we're getting closer
  5. There's a lady to tell you when to go up and as the mother and son go up the lady says the son can't go with her
  6. After a look of confusion from the mother my mom says he's a minor and that he should be able to go with her
    I can see my mother ready to debate
  7. So the lady says he can go
    Like he should be able to. He doesn't even look that old. I could very well see he was around my age maybe even a little younger.
  8. And my mom says and mine are minors as well.
  9. And she says "oui bah, ça je voi bien"
    Which basically means well yeah I can see that (also basically "duh")
  10. But IM 14 too. How old do I look? How can he look like an adult, and I am very clearly a child
  11. Anyways all this to say yes, I'm smallish but it doesn't mean things like that don't annoy me just a teeny bit.
    See what I did there
  12. Especially with the sassiness in the lady voice as if my mom was stating the obvious
  13. When obviously she wasn't because the person she thought quite clearly was an adult wasn't.
  14. Basically that was a situation where I just wanted to laugh, but I knew it would be better if I didn't.