The horizontal white lines where people are meant to safely cross the street. These are some experiences, and hopefully some tips.
  1. Taiwan
    Look both ways. Make sure there is no car coming. If there is a car coming make sure they won't have to slow down for you to cross the street. Be very weary of the blue trucks even more then everyone else on the road. They WILL run you over. Cars will honk and be annoyed if they even have to consider slowing down or stopping for you. The Taiwanese are very kind but, on the road trust no one.
  2. America
    Generally safe. It starts with the crosser and obviously look both ways and make smart decisions. As long as you do those things you probably won't even have to think about it that much.
  3. Vietnam
    Run, stop, weave your way through. It's a puzzle of life or death (sounds dramatic and it is a little bit to make it sound cool but I promise you it's no joke). Take your time but go as fast as you can and pray to whatever you want that today is not the day you get run over. Over time it gets less scary but not necessarily easier.
  4. France
    You RULE the roads. You are a king. People have to stop for you if your at a crosswalk and if your trying to cross they'll stop and won't think twice. They stop then you cross (not the other way around). Give em a little nod as thanks and your on your way.