1. Every Time I come visit my grandparents in the south I have only one thing on my must-do list
  2. The flea market Sunday morning
  3. It's always a fun place to go, just looking at all the little old things and the things so hideous it's hilarious.
  4. So all week I'm excited for Sunday to roll around
  5. Saturday night I set my alarm 7am- bright and early.
  6. My alarm rings and immediately when I sit up I know somethings wrong.
  7. I stand up and almost fall, I'm so dizzy.
  8. I walk to the kitchen thinking I probably just need to get some sugar flowing through me, pour a glass of apple juice and....
  9. I throw up in the kitchen sink 👏👏👏
    Twice actually.
  10. But I get that post-vomit high and say I'm fine and I'm going.
  11. So I ask my aunt for a plastic bag and go to the flea market
  12. I'm fine for about three minutes and then I end up sitting the rest of the time.
  13. So I'm sitting on a curb in the parking lot where the flea market is feeling dizzy like I'm floating through time and space watching the people go by, trying not to look too miserable so people are worried.
    But also not smiling all creepily so people are worried.