I'm Maïa, ask me anything

This does say anything but I'm going to be honest here and say that I probably wouldn't answer anything, but you are all respectful people so I'm sure I'll answer all the questions.
  1. I put this off for a little while because I thought nobody would really want to ask me anything.
  2. But I love answering questions and talking to people so why not try.
    Because it really doesn't matter if nobody asks me anything. I'm pretty sure my life will go on.
  3. So yes if there's something you'd like to know about me, ask away!
  4. Who was your first celebrity crush?
    Suggested by   @Zeealist
  5. The guy who played Chad in high school musical.
    I know this doesn't technically count because I liked the character not the actor but whatever. I basically liked him because he said he liked cooking and I like cooking. (Child logic) @Zeealist
  6. What is one special thing about each place you've lived?
    Suggested by   @gwcoffey
  7. FRANCE: my family's there, that's pretty special NEW ZEALAND: it's probably one of the most beautiful places on earth. VIRGINIA: there was an amazing Lebanese resturaunt probably a mile from our house. (And I mean there's soo much history but you know that).
    ARIZONA: we met some amazing people (at an amazing school). TAIWAN: it's really unlike anywhere I've ever lived I could go on forever on why, but for one thing the language (also dog ride on scooters it's really a site to see). @gwcoffey
  8. Your favourite meal at a cafe, bar, restaurant..
    Suggested by   @jessicaz
  9. I'm not sure if you mean each or just one meal for all, But if it's one meal for all its probably lasagna, or dumplings.
    But maybe I just want lasagna. @jessicaz
  10. What is your favorite thing about your best friend?
    Suggested by   @sophster
  11. @sophster what? Who?
  12. I would say Hufflepuff.