Other then how incredibly fortunate I am. Well there's quite a few.
  1. Don't judge the country by the rude old people who are stuck in there ways
    Alternatively judge the country on kind old people who show their ways and are proud of their country but also happy to learn about yours
  2. Try all the foods
    I was never shy about this any ways but sometimes just eating things someone gave you because you couldn't read the menu is a little scary. I am forever grateful I'm not allergic to anything.
  3. Throwing up is not a big deal
    Get up drink some water and sleep well that night. Your only somewhere for a certain amount of time I'm not going to waste it because I threw up once or twice.
  4. Do not step on black sand when it's sunny if you care about the skin on your feet
    Just be weary
  5. Staring is not that big of a deal
    Yeah people stare at me a lot (which sounds so conceited) but no it's true they do but it's just because I'm different from most people in some of the places I go. Worst things can happen.
  6. Museums are one of the greatest places on earth
    No matter how boring I might have thought some of them were in my younger years I'm glad My parents kept bringing me because I appreciate them a lot now. (even the slightly uninteresting ones)
  7. People have to go through things I've never even thought about
    Even my troubles are real and I should be allowed to feel sad at the end of the day they're quite trivial and usually not a huge deal
  8. We still have wars on things we had wars on hundreds of years ago
    It's stupid really
  9. Manners are really an objective matter
    Many things that I learned were rude from a very young age are very normal in other countries and that's ok. Like burping at the table, or spitting on the ground.
  10. A very very big one is that as sad as this may sound I don't really have what someone would consider a home and that's completely fine with me.
    France of course is closest to home and I know it's always a place I can go back to but really to me home is where my family is and where the people that are important to me are. So @sophster house is basically another home for me. And really the earth is so small that it really doesn't matter where you are on it as long as your with someone you love. Or even if your not technology's amazing.Basically wherever I am is home since I always travel with my family. Although I do miss my bed sometimes