My 5 Favorite Musicals Growing Up

Yes I'm still technically growing, but I mean in my early childhood. Even though these are still favorites today.
  1. Annie
    For a period of time my older sister and I watched a daily rotation of Annie, and (her choice)....
  2. The sound of music
    I grew to love it dearly.
  3. Les demoiselle de rochefort
    This is one of those things my mom made me watch as a "part of my education" but despite my resistance I couldn't help but love it. It's just this strange mixture of extravagant and beautiful, while being slightly bizarre and ridiculous-but in the best way. I don't know who wouldn't enjoy watching it at least once.
  4. Mary poppins
    I honestly can't remember a time Mary poppins wasn't in my life.
  5. The little mermaid
    Looking back the story is eh but the music is 👌