My condolences America

  1. In this moment in time Donald J. Trump has just won the American presidential elections.
  2. I feel very sad, and extremely embarrassed.
  3. While I am not myself an American, I feel embarrassed that we as human beings who in the end are all in this life together, would vote for such a man.
  4. A man who with the little power he already possessed publicly belittled so many.
  5. And made so many feel afraid and uneasy.
  6. No I'm not American, and no, I don't feel American, however I lived in America for 7 years. That's half of my life. A big part of my past, present, and future will always be American in a way.
  7. Despite the cliches I don't feel this election accurately represents the country I know, and the much more often then not incredible people I met.
  8. My heart goes out to everyone who feels overwhelmed or distraught after today ❤️