My trip to the Taipei fabric market

So I'll be honest here, no one in my family really sews. However my mom said she wants to "get into it" and mostly I just was hoping there would be some pre sewn pillow cases and such.
  1. We went today, a Friday afternoon and it was very calm.
    There was also air conditioning so basically anything past that was perfect.
  2. As you would assume there was indeed
  3. A
  4. Ton
  5. Of
  6. Fabric
  7. There were also a few bags, although some of them were not actually on sale, only an example of what could be made with the fabric.
    The only obstacle would be to actually sew said bag.
  8. This one happened to be my favorite.
    I love how it announces that rumi, a cat likes to take baths. Important stuff.
  9. Here are a few golden dragon fabrics
    They don't joke around with their dragons. I can only imagine the prices.
  10. This was probably my favorite one I saw.
  11. There was also a plethora of small stand alone stores in the surrounding streets.
  12. Like this one with adorable children's dresses
  13. And shoes!
  14. And this one with so many little cat things that reminded me of non other then my cat obsessed best friend @sophster
  15. I would say it was a successful trip (we left with a few pillowcases, multiple fabrics, and a couple cloth bags) I'm sure for anyone who actually sews, it would be a dream.