🎶Since I've Been Gooone🎶

These are a few things that have entered (or re-entered) my life that I've been enjoying
  1. This erasable pen
    I usually never use pens for the very reason of them not being erasable, but this one is!! And it's incredible!!! If you can't tell I'm still very amazed by this.
  2. These long eggplants
    I had never seen these before moving to Taiwan, and although I had never disliked eggplant when prepared well, I for some reason like these a lot more then the regular type.
  3. France inter
    The french elections were crazy. Things worked out in the end (even though there's still the legislatives to watch out for) but the past few months there's been a lot of information that I didn't want to miss and this was great for filling me in on the smaller things I might not have read on the news. And even now that the elections are over I still love listening to it because I just find it really entertaining.
  4. That brings me to my next favorite
  5. TuneIn radio 📻
    It's a great app that lets you listen to radio, and even podcasts I believe, from all over the world! I promise this isn't an ad
  6. High school musical
    I have always and will always love high school musical. However I go through phases of just loving it, and being absolutely completely obsessed. Currently I am obsessed. I think that's all I have to say because I don't think anyone would disagree on the fact that it's truly a gift to this world.
  7. This book
    It combines my love of food and history.
  8. Candles🕯
    The weather has been less then ideal lately (88% humidity yay) but that means it is ideal for candle burning. It also helps to get rid of that cave scent that sometimes accumulates despite the dehumidifiers.
  9. Earrings
    I have had a long complicated ear piercing road and I've finally found the motivation to actually wear some. These are my two current favorites.