At least a little
  1. Walking past a group of teenagers
    I don't know why. Maybe it's because I am a teenager. It's not like I'm scared they're gonna fight me or something. I just, I don't know it's weird.
  2. Going through airport security
    Again I don't know why. I promise I have nothing to hide but then I think about trying to look like I have nothing to hide which I always think makes me look like I have something to hide. The joy of useless overthinking.
  3. Having to change my food order last minute.
    For this reason I almost always have a backup
  4. Making decisions no matter how trivial quickly because I don't want to waste people's time
    Which often makes me take more time because I'm panicking
  5. Thinking about a past extremely awkward situation.
    Here's my most recent one. So I was waiting for my potstickers to go, typical Monday night. And I see a lady leaving has a tissue stuck to her shoe. And being the kind person I am I try to tell her but when I open my mouth to tell her she looks away. The way people look away when someone try's to hand you a flyer or coupon or whatever.And then I look away and she looks back so stupidly I try to tell her again and the exact same thing happened.But she walks away quicker. So unnecessarily awkward.
  6. Meeting teachers
    Ive always kind of accidentally been what people call "the teachers pet" but not in a I just want a good grade way. I've just thankfully always had great teachers that I have great respect for. Also I've always considered myself as a fairly good student at least in classroom behavior. I just like to make good first impressions ok!?
  7. When people come up to me and start speaking Chinese of which I can only understand 1 word in 5
    What am I supposed to say "so I think you said where and car and paper but I'm sorry I don't know what you trying to say." That was just a random example by the way.
  8. Walking into a restaurant and realizing everything is only in Chinese
    So I've gotten good at reading the basic meats and rice and there's an incredible, incredible amount of English menus in Taipei so I'm very thankful for that but it still causes some stress.
  9. Organized sports
    I'm pretty sure I actually have a fear of basketball. Bad memory. But it's especially games that have ball in the name, or include them. People just take it so seriously and if you mess up they get all mad and it's rarely fun plus it just feels like a not fun game that requires a lot of effort. I much prefer dance as a form of exercise. Even yoga almost anything really.
  10. People tasting my food
    I'm by no means a chef but I enjoy cooking and baking. One of the scariest things for me is I make something and people not telling me they don't like it. For example my my mom will alway be brutally honest and I love that. It's the only way I can improve and I don't want to force people to eat gross food.
  11. Freaking out because I'm sweaty and don't want to look like a sweat monster which only causes me to sweat more
    Maybe tmi. But very real.