1. So I'm almost 15 now and this is when everyone who cares starts asking you what you want do with your life and mostly what you want to do for college.
    Which is really nice that people care enough to ask.
  2. But the problem is I really have no idea
    Like on a scale of I really don't know to I'm booked until I'm 30 I would say I'm only slightly above I really don't know. And that's only because I know what I really don't want to do.
  3. Also my situation is kind of special I don't even know where I'm going to live in 2 years so it's a little hard to make solid plans.
    But of course France is the first place to look. But schools are really specific in France you go into a School to do a specific thing. there isn't really any of that major and minor stuff. Also my written French isn't all that so it would be better to go into an at least mostly English program.
  4. So anyways my little issues aside that wasn't the point of this story
  5. So I'm on this one schools website that I was thinking about very hypothetically. Very hypothetically.
    Very hypothetically
  6. And so there's this video of this student whose of course talking about how great the school is
  7. So I'm watching it and he's talking about how it's great academically and socially
  8. And he starts talking about the extra curricular activities
  9. So he says "yes we have a women's soccer team and a men's soccer team and of course because we are in Reims the center of the champagne region we have a champagne tasting club"
    Of course
  10. And that just made me laugh so much because in America the majority of college students can't even drink and then in this club they are supplying college students with alcohol. I mean not a lot of course it's the very bottom of a French sized wine glass. But still alcohol.
    I say French sized wine glass because I always saw giant sized wine glasses in America. They're not usually the size of your head.
  11. Also since this is a program that lots of Americans do I can only imagine their surprise. Apparently there's a long waiting list. But obviously that's not just the Americans.
    Upon some investigation I have learned its 5 euros per class.
  12. That's it. That's all I wanted to share maybe it's not really as interesting or funny as I thought when I first saw that video. But still different.