The Past Few Weeks in Pictures and Quotes

  1. Some Australian tourist: I just wish I didn't feel like I need to vomit. Me: I just wish I didn't relate so much to that sentence.
  2. we're surrounded by sea bushes
  3. I am destined to pee myself
    Theo, a cousin
  4. A little less trash a little more me next time
  5. My english teacher says an american accent is just mispronounced english.
  6. Crazy uncle trump
    Our driver in bali
  7. *Me translating an English menu to french* "bits of granola"
    *uncontrollable laughter from my cousins* (bits has a very different meaning in French)
  8. This is an old door, I think this must have been the first door.
    Anna, a cousin
  9. Ideally we'll loose a few children to the monkeys.
    Evan, the father to the people I've been referring to as my cousins but are not technically my cousins. Evan is actually my moms cousin.
  10. This stain is almost as dark as my soul
  11. All this salt yet I'm still the saltiest thing here
  12. Look Thea, I found your twin
  13. Oh look, there's another
    I'm a nice older sister I promise