Things I Always Forget About Being in France Until I'm Back

  1. The perfume
    Nobody in Taiwan wears perfume. Or at least not enough to notice, it's the complete opposite in France. Not so much that it's overwhelming though, it's just different. (I feel like I've talked about this before, I apologize if I have)
  2. The moment when I have to say a word like "hamburger" or something like "Big Mac"
    If you say it in the correct American accent people just won't understand you and you'll have to repeat it until eventually you have to put on a French voice, but it hurts a little everytime I have to say it in the French accent. The same way it hurts when I have to say words like rendezvous and crêpe the American way. Although this is my fault because people would understand me, I just don't want to seem pretentious.
  3. The food is just better
    Now, I don't REALLY forget this (How could I) but you kind of forget just how good it is. It's kind of like you don't think about every day when your away, but it just makes it that much more special when your back
  4. The constant talk about weight
    It's like "oh are you not eating that because your watching your figure" no, I'm not eating that because I'm not hungry. Especially the older ones. Even about themselves! Your 70 years old why do you even give a crap! Your healthy and probably weigh 45 kilos there's nothing to talk about. But oh my goodness my niece this my neighbor that wHy DOes IT maTTer
  5. The smoking🚬
    This has gotten soooo much better it's amazing, but still prevalent.
  6. The general spice level is WEAK
    As an example my grandma and my moms very old aunt described the soup my mom made as spicy because of the pepper. I have never thought of pepper as spicy. (And that soup definitely was not) I'm not saying I'm the ~spice master~ but I enjoy a friendly spice level. Plus a little Tabasco/Sriracha/(in certain situations) chili oil never hurts.
  7. The bread
    Again I don't REALLY forget about the bread but I forget just how amazing it is. Grocery store bread here is better then bakery bread in most places, and when there's a nice warm baguette right out of the oven I could probably eat the whole thing right then and there.