Things I Buy But Never Use

Well let's say almost never.
  1. Planners
    Actually I'll use them... for a week
  2. Calenders
  3. Body lotion (mostly body butter)
    It's smells so good but my skin is rarely very dry and I'm too lazy to ever use it. Plus it leaves that feeling, you know?
  4. Notebooks to use as journals
    I always just end up ripping out the two pages I actually did use as a journal (before I forgot about it) then use the notebook for something else, usually schoolwork.
  5. Pens
    Why use a pen when you could use a pencil which you can erase. #nevercommit (I think that is the first time I have ever in my life written and used a hashtag)
  6. Coats, big sweaters, scarves
    I know what your thinking, but seasons happen??? No, no they don't at least not for me because despite me and my body rejecting the heat the past five years of my life I've lived in places with virtually no winter.
  7. Stickers
    This is the five year old in me thinking I have to buy it, but it's too pretty to ever actually stick on something.