Things I Will Miss When I Leave Taiwan: MRT Edition

This is my last year here, and I really want to document all my favorite parts of my experience here.
  1. I truly do not know where to begin with this. I love absolutely everything about the mrt. I could talk about it all day and I don't know how I ever lived without it. (Or how I will live without it)
  2. First to get on your train your either go above or below ground with I would say 80% of the stations having escalators and elevators.
  3. A lot of it is above ground which means you can see the city and the sun rather then just darkness
  4. Most of the platforms themselves don't have air conditioning but they're very open and airy with lots of fans
  5. The trains themselves are air conditioned which is great
  6. Also on the platforms there are screens that tell you the time, how long until the next train (which is never more then a few minutes might I add), and what direction it's going in. Both in ENGLISH and Chinese.
  7. Also I haven't even mentioned how impossibly clean everything is. I've seen people who work there chase after a small hair ball that was floating away in the wind. That's some dedication and I appreciate all of it.
  8. Look sometimes there are even little plants
  9. So how does the ticketing work?
  10. EASY CARDS!!!
    This ones mine, it's all festive because I got it on my birthday.
  11. You can also use them at convenience stores, and certain taxis.
    It's makes things real ~easy~
  12. You just swipe them on these little machines and your good to go. They even tell you how much money you have left on it so you don't forget to add more.
  13. And when you need to add more money there are these machines that have ENGLISH!!!!
    I just really appreciate when things are in English.
  14. There's even a video. You really can't mess it up.
  15. So whenever the Taiwan tourism board wants to give me a job talking about how incredible the mrt is I'll be here.
    Probably still talking about how much I love it.