1. What a tartiflette is
    I recently learned not many people know about it (I'm talking non-French people) and it made me sad because it's something so many people would like. It's basically just potatoes, onions, lardons (Thick cut bacon pieces), and cheese. What's not to like? @sophster @gwcoffey aren't you happy you learned about this beauty?
  2. There is no lavender in herbe de Provence
    Im not here to manage your herbs you can do whatever you want, enjoy your lavender I'm just saying maybe try it without lavender some time it taste better in my opinion and not like soap.
  3. The Sun is kind of out today and it's making me happy
  4. There are few things that bother me more then when people say I'm acting a certain way or doing something because "I'm a teenager"
    If you tell people the way they're acting is normal because "that's how everyone like them does" then of course they will. I don't know if that even makes sense. It like when people use the excuse "boys will be boys" that makes me want to explode. Why do people use teenager as an insult? That's like if any time a middle aged person did anything someone would say "oh it's because your middle aged" or if a toddler fell you say " oh you only fell because your a toddler".Anyway therapy session ove
  5. French fries aren't French
    They're Belgian
  6. I never re-read books but I can never give of them away
    This is an issue my whole family has
  7. The national animal of Scotland is a unicorn
    Yet another reason I want to go. Yet another fact I have no idea why I know. (Do you like my poem?)
  8. Update: it's definitely not sunny anymore but that's ok it was nice while it lasted