Mostly Taipei
  1. The MRT (basically metro)
    It's so clean and pretty easy to navigate and they're quite and very accessible for people who would have to worry about that. It's overall just amazing in terms of public transportation.
  2. The convenient store around every corner
    Wether it's a family mart or 7 eleven they're just great. But dangerous. because basically wherever I am I can walk 500 meters and buy things that I should probably not put in my body
  3. The bubble tea or boba or whatever you want to call it
    Also around every corner. I don't personally like it but lots of people do including my sister
  4. How incredibly safe it is
    I can't believe how safe it is. It's crazy. Also a little scary I'm waiting for something bad to happen because it's just so peaceful but of course I hope nothing will
    My one true love. I have them at least once a week. Curry potstickers are the best
  6. Can we have a moment of silence for dumplings
    Alright carry on
  7. How kind everyone is
    So so so nice. Always. Or at least decent. But always respectful.
  8. Easy cards are the greatest
    You can do so many things with them. Pay a taxi, pay at a convenience store, pay for the mrt.
  9. Of course there are many more but these are just a few right now