14 hours is really not bad. Nothing will be worse then New Zealand to France. That was the only, and I mean only bad thing about living there. And it wasn't even as bad for me as it was for my older sister.
  1. •
    11:11 pm: boarding
  2. •
    There is a giant family of very confused French people who are yelling very loudly about how they have no idea what's going on. I am so thankful I can speak English.
    We would help them but were boarding and of course they figured it out.
  3. •
    Ok we're in the middle row and last time my mom checked the seat next to me was empty. Hopefully that's still the case.
  4. •
    The giant family comes in screaming about how they have no idea what's going on.
    Again they figured it out.
  5. •
    Oh no a guys comes and sits next to me. Oh well.
    We take off
  6. •
    Next we get out first meal
    Yummy bbq sauce and spaghetti. It doesn't matter we got the kids meal anyways (because it's the hello kitty flight on Eva air and at least it's cute, even if it's gross)
  7. •
    Ours was much much less appetizing then this but still super cute.
    This ones fancy lookin. We also get the candy so basically it's worth it.
  8. •
    I start and finish watching The Dressmaker. It's fine I guess.
    I'm really not the best movie judge
  9. •
    We're going all the way above Russia then back down this time. Strange.
    This makes it extremely cold
  10. •
    "Maybe I'll try falling asleep" I tell myself for the next ten hours.
    I can not fall asleep anywhere other then a bed
  11. •
    I'm dreaming of Saucisson
    But while I'm awake because I'm not actually sleeping
  12. •
    Breakfast- the worst of the meals. I never want eat breakfast anyways so definitely not on a plane.
    Apparently they also think this is a good time to serve seafood.
  13. •
    I need to go to the bathroom.
  14. •
    Nope I can't go now they're going to spray the cabin for bugs. We're not allowed to be in the isles
    That's ok I'll wait
  15. •
    Ok I'll go now
  16. •
    Nope now we're landing
    Well nevermind then
  17. •
    Ahh were here
    I am so excited to get home and take a shower.
  18. •
    7:something we've landed
  19. •
    The most prominent scents in the French airport I always forget about: cigarettes and perfume.
  20. •
    It's an amazing temperature out, a little chilly in the shade but perfect in the sun. Which it is SUNNY ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️