Thank you Sophia for this one. Obviously I can't cover everything but this is going to take a while
  1. I was 8 and having a sleepover at my friends house
    We went to a Halloween parade ate chipotle then watched a movie and went to bed and halfway through the night I wake up and throw up in my sleeping bag. Yay.
  2. It was one of my fist few weeks of 4th grade I had just moved and it was a new school (new climate might I add)
    We had PE at a park by my school and we would walk there, have lunch, a small recess, have PE, and then walk back and so I have a sensitive stomach and heat is not my friend so eating then running around in 100 degree weather don't mix for me.The first class had just ended and I was walking to the line and I threw up of course!
  3. I threw up at PE many times
    I would say in 3 years probably 5 or so times to the point where it was completely normal and everyone knew I was fine
  4. Here's the thing with me if I travel to a place I have either never been to or that I have not been to in a while, I will throw up.
    Just last year I threw up in Taiwan (where I live currently) Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, France, and the Philippines.
  5. I've also thrown up in New York a few times
    On the staircase of the hotel. And the next day there was a little sign that said "please keep staircase clean" and I threw up outside the subway I like to think of it as leaving my mark
  6. Also a few times on the plane..
    But not as much as you would think only a couple times when I ate something bad. Most recently broccoli mashed potatoes. They ruined the amazing vegetable that is broccoli and I threw up about 5 minutes after eating it.
  7. Let me tell you something, chimichangas, icees, candy, and popcorn do not mix. Surprising right?
    So I went to see frozen with my greatest of friends Sophia and we went to dinner and prepared all this candy and got an icee. halfway through the movie when the trolls are singing I throw up and nobody hears me so I tell Sophia and I don't want her parents to get worried so I go to the bathroom and tell them I'm fine which I was. Then we get to her house and I don't want to be sick again so I tell myself I'm fine so I start failing asleep and I throw up in the blanket and her dad throws it away.
  8. But the worst was probably when I was 8 with the stomach flu
    I won't go to much into the details but let's just say it was so bad I was throwing up in my sleep
  9. 🎤Those are a few of the times I've thrown up🎤