So so many reasons....
  1. Well first of all trying to get on the plane is a total nightmare
  2. First you have to register your baggage where sometimes they'll bother you if your half a kilo over
    Which I can understand because if everyone was half a kilo over it would be a lot of kilos but often times where under on some anyways
  3. Then you half to wait for security and somehow the line is always so, so long
  4. Also airports are basically just germs zoos
    I bring bacteria, you bring bacteria it's like a germ potluck
  5. Then airplanes are ALWAYS late. Always.
    I don't think I've ever been on a flight that was on time but usually they're not late by that much so it's fine.
  6. Then you get on the plane and again you wait. Sometimes for a pretty long while until take off.
  7. Finally takeoff which is either fun or terrifying depending on if you like flying or not
    I think they're kinda fun
  8. Ok now sitting on a metal germ zoo
    With possible turbulence?
  9. Then depending on how long your flight is they give you something disgusting on a plate they call a meal
    I call it "I want to throw up just looking at this"
  10. Waiting, waiting, waiting
  11. Then usually I think about how much I would hate being a flight attendant serving rude people and having to wear those horrible synthetic outfits that I'm sure could catch on fire if you rubbed a ballon against it
  12. Ok now you get up to go to the bathroom and that's right about when the turbulence should start
  13. Waiting, waiting, waiting
  14. Oh it's almost the end of a 14 hour flight time for another meal
    Am I the only one who finds it crazy that in a 14 hour flight we only get 2 meals? Not that I would eat much anyways but still
  15. Ok yes yes yes we've almost landed
  16. Ok now the pushing starts to get out of the plane quicker
  17. Then your just going through all the things just happy to be on the ground at your destination
  18. And that's why airplanes are amazing the fact that you can go across the world in a little more then half a day is pretty incredible.