As written by a contemplating maia who can't fall asleep. @sophster @imc @gwcoffey @mamiecoffey @her amazing cute cats
  1. They're all amazing
    They're basically like another family to me. Like Sophia and isabel are the cousins I never had. But the cousin that you really like. Not that cousin everyone seems to have some terrifying story about.
  2. Mamie
    Your an incredible mom. You always make me feel included basically like I am a part of the family. Easter, the Christmas elf guy, Easter again. Actually your really good at making everyone feel included. And your an incredible organizer of gatherings. Your family loves you a lot, and so do I. Also like the rest of your family you're hilarious.
  3. Geoff
    Your really funny and made me good crème brûlée so I'm forever indebted to you. Actually you've made me a lot of really good food like pulled pork that I still think about everyday. Also you don't mind to much that I accidentally scared you when I was covered in red spray paint also I threw up in some blankets you took care of. I'm sorry. But thanks for being amazing.
  4. Isabel
    You are an awesome sister. You have great taste (ahem dancing queen). You are so hardworking and so funny. I've never met an older sister who is so nice to her little sisters friends. Not even just nice but actually is my friend. Im so lucky to spend time with you. Also Sophia loves you so much and always talks about how much she's going to miss you when you got to college.
  5. Sophia
    Oh Sophia. There are so many things I love about you. I love the way your so passionate and always excited about something. Even if you don't know what it is. I love it how you hate the randomnest things I have to fight you on. But not really fight because the difference is we don't really care and I only ever grow from our debates. I love we can bond over our love of so many things. We're just the right amount of similar and different. I think i loved you since you gave me that mulberry. Thanks
  6. Kitties
    You guys are adorable and I'm sorry for the many times I've insulted you. To be fair though you tried to steal my burrito bowl and is that really forgivable? Well I guess so because I still love you guys. And this picture is one of my favorite pictures of all time.