Yangmingshan weekend vacation

  1. Yangmingshan is a national park in Taiwan known for its natural hot springs and incredible mountains.
  2. We stayed in a hotel right on the boarder of the park and it was beautiful.
  3. More on that later, but firstly look at how scenic the drive there was.
  4. We saw the ocean
    It was pouring rain a few minutes before this, hence the menacing clouds.
  5. That little island over there is what our taxi driver told us was peace island.
  6. And these gorgeous mountains
  7. And just more of Taiwan.
    It was a great drive.
  8. Ok back to the hotel
  9. There were a few little trails across the hotel that led to all the pools and hot springs and...
  10. Happy farm!
  11. They had various green things (surprising). I only recognized a few things, like this Thai basil
  12. And these sweet potatoes which they grow a lot of in that region
    You can see there's a little oven made of rocks that you can cook them in.
  13. Speaking of cooking, here's a little pool where you can cook the famous hard boiled eggs in the sulfury hot spring water
  14. One of my favorite parts is you could see the mountains no matter where you were standing.
  15. Always a breathtaking sight.
  16. There was also a resident cat who came to play mini golf with us.
    I'm pretty sure he was rooting for me, and it worked because I won.
  17. Lastly I would just like to point out there was not a single 4 in the entire hotel.
    Not a fourth floor and not a four in a room number, nothing. It's an unlucky number here.