Top 10 Fictional Characters I would want on my Dodge Ball Team (In no particular order)

Cory's first unorthodox list!
  1. 10. Vision
    From: Marvel Comics He can phase, rendering him unable to be out in dodge ball. Martian Manhunter would also be acceptable!
  2. 9. Kratos
    From: God of War video games If you can kill a God, you can dodge a ball.
  3. 8. Steve Rogers (Captain America)
    From: Marvel Comics He can curl a helicopter. Also has great hand eye coordination!
  4. 7. Yoda
    From: Star Wars Quick and agile for an old guy, also, The Force is like, ultimate dodge ball handicap.
  5. 6. The Cat in the Hat
    From: The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss Cause he can wreck a Dodge Ball court ike he wrecked those kids' house.
  6. 5. Spider-Man
    From: Marvel Comics I know I'm doing a lot of super heroes, but who would deny Spider-Sense!?
  7. 4. Minerva McGonagall
    From: Harry Potter She knows Wingardium Leviosa, and can turn into a cat for dodging purposes. Also, if you get her out you'll probably lose house points.
  8. 3. Hawkeye
    From: Marvel Comics 2 words: Never Misses!
  9. 2. Slenderman
    From: Your Nightmares He's just too spooky, the other team would give up just so they wouldn't be against him!
  10. Honorable Mention: Pip
    From: South Park Wasn't he really good at Dodge Ball in that one episode? Or was he really bad?? I need to watch the episode again...
  11. 1. Batman
    From: Detective Comics Because he's Batman.