Be very careful those fuckers are dangerous
  1. So I know they're pretty and beautiful whoop whoop but don't let that shit fool you
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  2. This fucker is a level 50 unicorn the specific name in all majestic slayer books are called unicornbofingerdildo very rare creature to find but if you go up north past Seattle past Canada past Alaska you'll see these fuckers skipping around hella jolly.
  3. So first step go to location and make sure you wear all white with a yellow horn ether on your forehead or belly button.
  4. Your then gonna do the calling ritual sing very loud these works "what that horn gon be... well ....I don't know I need no horn dropping low to my feet.."
  5. That song should get these fuckers so juiced they'll be flying and going dumb around you.
  6. Ounce unicornbofingerdildo appears quickly start C walking towards the creature the creature should start C walking and throwing his hoofs as if that dumbass got fingers and start gang banging.
  7. Right when he starts to gangbang and C walk simply stop singing and pull out your ak-47 and blast his ass
  8. If you don't have a machine to take him down I suggest you invest in a bow or a bat something to take that mutha fucker down.
  9. Right when you knock his ass out there's only one way to slay the unicornbofingerdildo you must rub on his/her horn and ounce the beast squirts out some white blood substance that thing is out
  10. Pull out a knife cut the horn and BOOM!! You just slayed the mutha fucking unicornbofingerdildo
  11. Your welcome yall!!!