After all I just retired
  1. Get up early
    There are only 24H in the day and I figure I have about 20 years left. Some of them will be good ones if I play my cards right
  2. Do my yoga
    What else is there to say about this one
  3. Walk my dog, Ernie
    He deserves it, we both need it
  4. Practice my ukulele
    Have to live up to my name. How much longer can I get away with saying "I have 1 year of Uke experience, 7 times"?
  5. Go for a swim
    This used to be my go-to activity. I miss it.
  6. Laundry and vacuuming
    There is something cathartic about seeing all that dirt disappear
  7. See my friends and family more often
    'Nuff said
  8. Floss
    My dad was a dentist!
  9. More veggies
    How can you go wrong with that?