These nuances annoy me to no end. To say movies are supposed to portray real life, I don't know any well mannered, regular people who do this.
  1. Wearing bad wigs.
    For some reason, no matter how big the budget, the wigs are horrible. My hair looks flyer than these people. They should give me their beauty budget and me and my whole state will look fly...for years.
  2. Hanging up the phone without saying goodbye.
    Everyone seems to know the timing when a conversation is over although it's not intuitive. The period at the end of the sentence is promptly followed by a dial tone. Even friendly conversations don't end with a goodbye. Just rude.
  3. Leaving doors open after they enter a house.
    Whether invited or not, when someone walks into a house in the movies they do not close the door behind them. We don't even get to locking the door, they just don't close it.
  4. Communicating with perfect clarity complex feelings.
    For a minute, I was wondering if I had the verbal prowess to convey the many layers and complexities of my feelings to others in tough situations. Enough to make the bad guy have a light bulb moment and the no-dancing Footloose town to cut a rug. Then I realized if I had months and a team of writers to work on my response, AND I paid people to respond the way I want, then I could have those moments too.
  5. Showing people vomiting.
    Don't they know most people are eating when they're watching movies?!! Not cool.