1. Kris Bryant
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    Your 2015 Rookie/Male Model of the year. Also I love him.
  2. Madison Bumgarner
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    At his best with short hair, imo, but hot nonetheless.
  3. Anthony Rizzo
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    That smile tho..
  4. Cole Hamels
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  5. Bryce Harper
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    Though he has stupid hair 95% of the time and pronounces memes "may mayes," he can play some serious baseball while being "douche bag" hot.
  6. Dexter Fowler
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  7. Jake Arrieta
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    I'm not into big baseball beards or anger, but Jake makes it work.
  8. Buster Posey
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    Reason no. 1 why I join the Giants bandwagon every other October.
  9. Kyle Hendricks
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    Cutest Cub of 2015.
  10. Adam Wainwright
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    Yes, he plays for the enemy, which in a weird way makes him hotter.
  11. David Wright
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  12. Zack Greinke
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    Again, only makes the list with short hair