Why do bad things happen to single travelers?
  1. The person who taps on your shoulder really hard while you're asleep against the window when the drink cart comes by
    Oh it's 5:30 am? I'm glad you woke me up cuz I need DC stat! NOT
  2. The dude who steals the arm rest for the entire flight
    It's ok, I like contouring my body for 4 hours so you're comfortable
  3. The elderly and/or foreigners who use their ignorance to steal your window seat.
    "Give me my window seat or give me death!"
  4. The kid behind you with the endless kicking
  5. The person who wants to know your whole life story
    I'm all for a good conversation, but not when I'm still trying to figure out my life plan. I have parents for that.
  6. The immediate chair recliner
    They give you space for the first and last 15 mins of the flight. So nice of them.
  7. The ruler breakers
    You know, the people that keep their chairs reclined during landing or keep their tray tables down. Those Flight Attendants will find you and make a scene. You're not special.
  8. And lastly, people that smell like weed, cigarettes or B.O.
    Sometimes people hit the trifecta... like the dude from my last flight 💩