to go from....
  1. ...making extra-butter popcorn to smelling extra-burned kernels.
  2. ...deep luxurious dream world to the screeching reality of alarm clock world.
  3. ...unsuspecting room enterer to shocked surprise party receiver.
  4. ...wonderful spreadable butter to a butter puddle slowly filling your microwave.
  5. ...clicking follow to receiving an awful automated Twitter message.
  6. ....taking a tequila shot to tempering your gag reflex.
  7. ...routinely preparing pasta to complete boil-over stovetop mess.
  8. ...enjoying your TV show to crying over homeless animals.
  9. …pressing send and realizing you've spelled experience wrong in a job application.
    Suggested by @mckampf
  10. From pretty lap kitty to OMG claws. 😾
    Suggested by @solitarygigi
  11. Cereal to go from crunchy to soggy mush
    Suggested by @IveGottaTellMel