You guys I WON my category this weekend in Baltimore at the National Hombrewers Competition
  1. This weekend I won the saison category at NHC and was the only woman to take home a gold.
    This is me with just from the Brewing Network, I was mildly star struck.
  2. There were 7,956 beers judged this year!! More than 3,000 Brewers attended the conference and 3,396 Brewers entered the competition. I had beers in category 18 and 19.
    I won nothing for category 18 so I was even MORE blown away when I got the gold for category 19.
  3. I lost my mind when my name was announced. Here I am on stage getting the medal.
    (A gold one 😉)
  4. Here I am on the homepage of the conference.
    I think the lady thing was helpful here too!
  5. If you're brewer my recipe for the Saison will be published in Zymurgy magazine this month! (I think you can find it online too?)
  6. BUT my trip wouldn't be complete without awesome suggestions from the people of list!!:
    Thanks for all the suggestions on this list Give me Balti-MORE please!
  7. These Asian steam buns were to die for and I also loved the tofu nuggets.
    Thanks @susanmarland for suggesting Ekiben!
  8. Woodberry Kitchen was seriously beautiful and had a really fun local menu.
  9. Brewers art was a blast and a bunch of Brewers checked it out with us!
    Thanks @timothy and @clubsilencio01 for their lovely Baltimore lists found here: Give me Balti-MORE please!
  10. The aquarium was beautiful and entertaining enough to make me forget my hangover 😉
    Thanks @dfly here are some puffins for you!
  11. Cheers everyone 🍻🍻🍻