Stuck in the office late tonight, but without many task that require much brain power. So I started off this list with some go-to recs...send me other things you like and I'll recommend you one!
  1. Questioning the world around you - Hidden Brain
    I LOVED when Shankar was featured in on-air NPR segments so I was thrilled when he got his own podcast. He, and other social science experts pick apart how things like Uber, winning, dieting and relationships influence our decisions, behaviors and biases. I learn something every episode!
  2. "Bad" pop culture - How Did This Get Made?
    A funny show picking apart classically "bad" movies. Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzokas have hysterical commentary on fils like Furious 7, Top Dog, Crocodile Dundee and like a million more...
  3. People's dirty laundry - Death Sex & Money
    Hearing personal stories on the somewhat taboo but very necessary topics of death, sex and money feels a little naughty and a lot exciting. Plus, Anna Sale is an amazing interviewer! What's not to LOVE?!
  4. Weird Corners of the Internet - Reply All
    This show is so so so good. Cheeky and relatable with really interesting stories! Topics include Marnie the Dog, the FBI and the Internet, Isis on social media, and batman's Twitter account.They are doing a serial-esk series right now and I can't wait to see how it ends.
  5. Humans of New York - This American Life
    If you love the heartbreaking or uplifting images and stories on the Humans of New York pages, you'll love This American Life. Full disclosure, I have a crush on host Ira Glass. Each week the show picks a theme and brings you stories on that theme. Think themes like love, racism, environmentalism, holidays, nightmares and more!
  6. Homebrewing - The Sunday Session
    This podcast gets literally every brewing great. From Russian River to Rare Barrel they've talked to some talented people, even if it is mixed with fart jokes 😳
  7. Productivity inspo - The 5am Miracle with Jeff Sanders
    Occasionally a little too much, Jeff will inspire you to whip your butt into SHAPE. He has productivity experts from all walks of life on the show as well as little bite sized tips to improve your days. I listen to this one when I'm ready to kill it for the week!
  8. Ask me for a rec!
  9. @wilmotwrites for the literary-inclined - The New Yorker Fiction (also a little Pop Culture Happy Hour)
    The New Yorker Fiction podcast is an amazing look at fiction writing! The New Yorker's fiction editor talks with all sorts of fiction writers. I think it's only monthly, but there's a healthy archive 😉 Also, Pop Culture Happy Hour does a good job covering popular/current books as well as book awards.
  10. I have so much trouble with talking with my significant other about my feelings and being ignored during threesomes. (I just want to see if you say what podcast I'm thinking of)
    Suggested by @sswyryt
  11. @sswyryt Dan Savage's Savage Love Cast...I know every. single. podcast. All of them 😉
  12. something compulsively listenable and binge listenable?
    I work for 16 hrs straight on many, many days- what's something I could listen to 10 episodes in a row and never get bored or burnt out?
    Suggested by @boygirlparty
  13. @boygirlparty two: Here's the Thing with Alec Baldwin and Ted Radio Hour
    If you like interview shows here's the thing has a huggggge back catalogue of really interesting interviews (celebrities, writers, politicians) if you're looking more for stories/narratives Ted Radio Hour has a big back catalogue exploring different themes like champions, lies, tribes. Addictive listening that always makes me feel super motivated!
  14. Something relating to paranormal phenomena or pop culture.
    Hopefully something with a lot of episodes relating to either one please 🙏🏼
    Suggested by @michellejennifer
  15. @michellejennifer Two for ya! Stuff They Don't Want You to Know and Pop Culture Happy Hour
    Stuff They Don't Want You to Know isn't exactly paranormal but it's all about conspiracy theories! Crazy little details that I haven't stopped thinking about for MONTHS after listening. Pop Culture Happy Hour is one of the podcasts I'm obsessed with, not for everyone, but if you want to be a true nerd about pop culture and trends it's THE best. Plus has a huge back catalogue and I love that they will do a "small batch" episode when there is pop culture breaking news! (Like Prince's death)?