1. This was so fun!
  2. This app gave me a new confidence in myself.
  3. Largely because of it I went on to write for actual money (whhhhat?!?)
  4. Got the confidence to talk in front of people and on a couple podcasts
  5. And realized that the internet can be a really beautiful place.
  6. I'm @MandyKN everywhere please come find me and let me know where you are!!
  7. I'm also (just recently) @beerswithmandy on insta and twitter - trying to do something new - gulp
  8. ALSO I'm in LA all of next week for Werk It (a women's podcast fest) BUT I have comp tickets for the Another Round and Death, Sex & Money live shows
    Amber Rose, Niecey Nash, other goodness! On October 3&4 (werkitfestival.com)
  9. Let me know if you want tickets on twitter or insta DMs
    My dms are wide open
  10. Also would love to see any LAers while I'm there
  11. Bye friends 💕
  12. Giphy