Always calculating...
  1. It would take about 900 pounds of food to supply my dog for the rest of her life.
  2. If each person just gets one drink there can be 4 people in line at Starbucks and I will still make it to my meeting on time.
  3. I will wait for the elevator roughly: 5mins+(2mins*(# of floors I need to go - 4))
  4. I can safely pee and get back to the stove before the big sauce pot boils over, not so for the little one.
  5. Probably 1 in 27 people have read the link they tack on to the end of their tweet.
  6. I pass maybe 600-700 people on my way to work everyday. Probably almost 10,000 in a whole day? More?
  7. It takes at least two catchy pop songs to change my mood. Maybe three on Tuesdays.
  8. Half of a 210 calorie ice cream bar pretty much counts as a 100 calorie snack
  9. I can most likely get out of after-work happy hour for under $20 if I only drinking beer.
  10. 90-120 seconds of small talk is probably enough to establish myself as "friendly" before starting a meeting.
  11. 8 bottles of wine is close to enough for a five person dinner party. Maybe 9 is there's a long after dinner hangout.
  12. More than 2 hours in direct sunlight and I'll starting getting a sunburn.