1. Aw! Hal, your doorman, looks extra sharp today, I wonder if he bought that bow tie with tiny fish on it over the weekend.
    It would have been nice if you complimented him.
  2. There is a burst of color in the tree outside your Starbucks. Ha! A little bird built a nest out of party streamers. I wonder if she's happy in her colorful house than bird in their full ones?
    That's nice, the world is silly sometimes.
  3. A little boy in front of you did his best to spell his own name for the barista...he still pronounced it "Fredrick" when he called out for the chocolate milk order and the little boy beamed with pride.
    It's amazing to see growth right in front of your eyes.
  4. That guy is wearing sunglasses with Pikachu ears on them. I wonder if my brother would want those?
    Tbh, the Pokémon craze is kinda cute.
  5. The bagel delivery man was rushing out of your office building, in such a rush that he dropped a small clip of cash. Wow, someone on the street chased after him to give it back. Maybe there is hope for humanity.
    That's nice, maybe people are better than we think.
  6. Kaitlyn walked right by you to the bathroom in tears. I bet she would have liked to here about party streamers bird. Or, really, hear anything from you...
    It's nice to take time to support your friends and co-workers.