Baby sitter doesn't count...I'm talking regular paycheck regular hour jobz
  1. Swim instructor
    At 13??
  2. Lifeguard
    The obvious next step tbh
  3. Swim team coach
    Was there 80% for the branded polo 20% for the pay raise
  4. "Main Street parade dancer" at Sesame Place
    Not a real title but I refused to do all other duties of the "entertainer 3" job - see previous list
  5. Hostess
    Omg I made so much money. If you're young and can stand to be in 4 inch heels for 5+ a. hostess. (I recommend a steak house for the cash)
  6. Omg noooo my stop is next and I have to publish back later for the other two
  7. Copy Editor
    Journalism student's gotta eat.
  8. (Student) Reporter
    Journalism student's gotta drink 😉