Food TV that is 💯

I watch a lot of food tv...but most of it is not good. This is the good stuff.
  1. Chef's table
    Season two of Chef's Table just came out (which inspired this list). This show is stunningly beautiful and exposes the thoughts, philosophies, inspirations and motivations behind some of the best chefs on the planet.
  2. Mind of a Chef
    Every episode is a fun mashup of stories on a theme. Two of my favorite food personalities, Anthony Bourdain and David Chang, co-host Season 1. Excellent show for those curious about food and interested in making and enjoying new flavors.
  3. Good Eats
    The. Best. Cooking. Show. Ever. Good Eats is the greatest because it tells you the science behind recipes. You don't just learn to make a dish, you learn why and how the dish works, so you're not just a recipe follower, but instead a "home cook."
  4. Top Chef
    The original Cooking reality show and still the king of the game in my opinion. An incredible lineup of guest chefs grace this show. It's a lovely showcase of creativity in food. Seasons 3-7 are the best but all the seasons (and the new ones!) are worth watching!
  5. Iron Chef America
    Maybe the "most fun" on this list. The old seasons with Alton Brown as the host are great. This is another example of a show that lets the audience discover ingredients and new was it use/prepare them. Alton does a great job keeping you excited, yet informed about the final product. The judging is always a little bit bizarre but also comes with a flair you don't get on other shows. Also, the quality of chef contestants on this show is very high.
  6. Bonus: Spinning Plates
    This documentary is simultaneously heartbreaking, uplifting, fascinating, and addictive. It covers three very different restaurants and their chefs and owners. I've probably watched it close to 10 times. Always worth it.
  7. Chef's Table Recommended Episodes (Netflix)
    Season 1: Magnus Nilsson, Season 2: Grant Achatz
  8. Mind of a Chef Recommended Episodes (Netflix)
    Season 1: Smoke, Season 1: Sin
  9. Good Eats Recommended Episodes (Netflix)
    Season 9: Tender is the Loin, Season 10: Pop Culture
  10. Top Chef Recommended Episodes (Hulu)
    Season 4: Zoo Food, Season 5: Le Bernardin
  11. Recommended Episodes: Iron Chef America
    Season 1: Bobby Flay v Rick Bayless, Season 8: Michael Symon v Dominique Crenn
  12. Are there any I'm missing?!