Been in my drafts forever and 👋🏻👋🏻 Harry Potter day
  1. His skeleton will lie in this conference room forever.
    Works best in meetings that are over an hour or on long group conference calls. When someone gets out of the room in a rush as everyone is packing up. Kills.
  2. You're a wizard Harry!
    Works best in white board sessions, better with colleagues than superiors. Perfect when everyone in the room finally agrees on something.
  3. What did he do? Send it by owl?
    When you're waiting on almost anything, but especially if it is a physical package.
  4. Let's take this to slack, I feel like there is someone with an invisibility cloak up in here...
    When your conference room walls are thin and people are eavesdropping on a sensitive conversation. (Ps - is slack on the listapp??)
  5. When you push on a pull door, or vice versa, and finally figure it out and get it open: "Alohomorah!"
    Suggested by @ashlynparish