1. People on this app have so many cool/creative pursuits...
    Acting! Food Blogging! Illustrating! Book Writing! Movie Making! Designing! Podcasting! TV Writing! Painting! General Awesomeing!
  2. ...So I'm wondering, how did you go ahead and decide to DO the creative thing?
  3. Was it always instilled in you that didn't HAVE to have a 9-5?
    Is creative work something that runs in your family?
  4. Or did you still have a day job and then decide to drop it?
  5. Do you still have a day job, like right now?
  6. Was it more of a "screw it I have to go pursue my creativity"! Or "ahh this is scary but I won't be happy til I do it"?
    Or more than likely something else because I have no idea how this would play out......
  7. Was it an expected transition with planning and saving? Or unexpected like an opportunity you just had to take?
    Maybe something in between?
  8. You don't have to answer these questions, they're more like a prompt, but I (and a lot of us, I bet!) would love to hear your stories.
    Origin stories, stories of now, decision stories, tiny stories, stories of success, all of them!
  9. I started writing and podcasting for #staymarried because I felt COMPELLED.
    I keep going because, even when I'm worn out and discouraged and wandering around in my own existential crisis, I'm still inspired. Inspiration demands to be released, doesn't it? I wrote this list about it: The Story Behind #staymarried
    Suggested by @mchellepeterson
  10. I started with no financial expectations, because I loved illustrating (and went to school for it). I worked two jobs to pay for my life. when I realized I was earning enough to maybe survive off art, I switched to full time. 14 yrs ago.
    it NEVER has been easy, and I never know what my next year is going to look like let alone my next week. sometimes it's financially scary. sometimes it's scary in literally every way (as I have listed about) but it's very fulfilling and I'm glad I get to call the shots in my life for the most part.
    Suggested by @boygirlparty
  11. I love this! And it's weird to consider how I actually came along this path.. But I'll try! Both of my parents are scientists. And my whole family (aunts/cousins etc) are all very high achievers. So I was raised with the same work ethic and prospects, which I am grateful for, but I know I am a hard worker, a striver and a goal setter. For me though
    in dance, I always loved it. I was lucky to have friends and teachers who supported me, even when my family thought I was wasting my time. When it came time to choose whether or not to be a doctor/journalist or a dancer, I took a calculated risk and got a degree in dance because I HAD to study, there was no getting past that. I had back up options too, like teaching. But now that I'm succeeding (a little) & making a career, all of the things came together somehow. Hard work and luck, I'd say.
    Suggested by @Evie
  12. Hey, I think this is me. I have my own business making apps from scratch design + coding and more recently Virtual Reality Immersive Story Telling.
    My dad pounded us our whole life that having your own biz/doing your own thing was the only way to go. The earlier the better. I am just not a buttoned up drove the Lexus in the lot, drive the Lexus out of the lot girl. Some years I kill it, some suck. Awe well. It's a fun ride! No judgement it takes everybody to make the world go around...
    Suggested by @notme
  13. I've always been involved in art. I went to school for Painting and English Lit. Then I became a graphic designer. But I've always loved food. Ever since I took a 3rd grade summer class in cooking I was obsessed with it. All through college I baked whenever I was procrastinating from doing schoolwork (My roommates called it procrastibaking).
    So when I was unhappy at my dead end graphic design day job, I found myself going home and binge watching TV and just trying to forget work. A friend gave me advice to do MORE work but work that I loved. So I started a food blog, because I wanted to get back to writing. I had NO expectations it would lead anywhere. It was strictly a passion project. 9 months later, I quit my day job to go freelance. 6 years later my cookbook is coming out. bit.ly/MSLbook
    Suggested by @eatthelove
  14. Ok here's the scoop! I've been artsy AF my whole life, but it never occurred to me that drawing could be be career. In college I majored in film because I still wanted to tell stories visually and I had a comic in the Daily Northwestern. After college, I was having a pretty rough time mentally, so I moved back home and got a job in data entry at
    an accounting firm (😩) and did a bunch of therapy. After about a year, I NEEDED a creative outlet so I opened my Etsy shop and started posting my art online regularly. Gradually, I started getting enough orders and freelance opportunities that I was able to get the heck out of that freezing cold office and start working out of my own place! It's been slooowww and HARD (and it's still pretty stressful to never know what I'll make each month) but I'm super proud of how it all turned out :)
    Suggested by @roaringsoftly
  15. Good question... I guess it's what I've always sort of naturally done. All through school/life etc. I was drawn to the arts. As far as music industry stuff: I wasn't ever talented enough to be in a band so I started throwing shows for other bands, that lead to a booking agent job, which led to artist management.
    Becoming a film & music video director is less clear. After college I started producing a church based family theatre program. We wrote and delivered a monthly show, sketches, videos, choreographed dances, etc. when that wrapped up and I didn't think artist management was ready to pay the bills, I started doing videography. That was a nice start but I quickly learned I love producing and directing more, so started skewing more and more projects that way!
    Suggested by @CheckeredOwl