This is the way my marketing brain thinks about just about everything I see. 🍌
  1. We are thrilled about the opportunity to make banana the next great nutrition product.
  2. The product packaging is highly unique and we all know that consumers today are getting more and more conscious about waste. The compostable packaging will be attractive to certain demographics, especially in our higher-end stores.
  3. Obviously we are up against a challenge with the phallic appearance of the product. We are working with "mom" as a gatekeeper so that's something we will be highly conscious of from a visual and PR standpoint.
  4. But, can I tell you we LOVE yellow! What a great differentiator. None of our competitors feature yellow in their color pallet, so we are looking forward to some really exciting merchandising opportunities.
  5. With all of this in mind we just want to be upfront about budget. Our current budget will give us a great start for bananas in the market, but, if we double it bananas will be able to really take off and be the most popular item in grocery stores world wide.
  6. Also, we have paid Gwen Stefani to write this product into one of her songs. Trust us on this one.
  7. 🍌🍌🍌🍌