(She thought it was real, ok??)
  1. Hello dear, my name is Ravi and my family needs you to make it to the America. Only you can save all of our troubles and you must. The danger here is so very more. Please dear
  2. "Oh my goodness Ravi! How can I help?! Please tell me your family is still safe????? xoTaylor"
  3. "Yes dear. Your answer to us was just in the timing. We need you to send us six thousands dollars with Western Union. Then we can be safed in America..."
  4. Yes! Ravi, I was so worried, give your beautiful family hugs for me. I'll have my accountant send it to that Western Union account now. Be safe! xoTaylor
  5. Ravi. My accountant says you are not telling me the truth. Can you tell me how you and your family plan to use this money and come to America? He says you are trying to steal from me. -T
  6. ...:::Cries because she never gets a response:::...
  7. MONTHS LATER: 📻📻📻📻📻We're all wondering what mystery man is behind Swift's newest single, and here it is...📻📻📻📻📻
  8. 🎶🎶Saw your note, that subject line, "save my family"...
  9. 🎶🎶....BUT YOU WASTE MY TIME. Got caught up, in your life, but all you wanted
  10. 🎶🎶...WAS SACRIFICE. I shouldda known, men don't change. Not even in, the email game...🎶🎶
  11. 📧📧📧📧📧📧📧📧📧📧📧📧📧