If Taylor Swift's Cat Went to a Therapist

She just really needs to talk to someone.
  1. It's exhausting, really. I've been working on my novel...so I need to be in a really creative space. The only time I can get work done is when Taylor is out of the house.
  2. And when she is home, she just wants to do ridiculous things. Which, is so off brand for me. Like, like this one time she's all "I'm going to put you in a dress and send the pictures to all of my famous friends."
  3. Really...how will I garner any respect for my debut work when the first thing you see upon googling the author is this.
  4. But BUT then I just have this incredible guilt. Because for a cat I have a lot of autonomy and she gives me the resources to make my dream of being a revered author come true.
  5. And the guilt is just gnawing at me, so every time she hugs me I feel this combination of guilt and love and I get anxious.
  6. And the anxiety is really apparent in my writing, so it's taking me even longer to write my novel which, just starts the whole cycle again.
  7. ..:: therapist nods ::.. "So what made you finally come in today?"
  8. I saw this picture on her Instagram and I had an intense emotional reaction. I mean who the HELL is that...I'm not about to be replaced by some nonsense animal... A kangaroo??!!?...I realized I really need to talk to someone.
  9. 😿😿😿😿😿😿