If the Guy Who Invented Bottled Water Walked Into Shark Tank

He's bringing a new invention to the Sharks, bottled water.
  1. Robert Hejavec - So let me get this straight. (big smile) You're trying to sell me something that's free....because...because you put it in clear packaging. I mean, you seem like a smart guy this can't be it.
  2. Daymond (cuts off Robert) - Can I just say something...I'm invested in water fountains. It's a 82 billion dollar industry. Because of that, I have to say, I'm OUT.
  3. Mark Cuban (nodding at Daymond) - ok ok. I get it, you're trying to innovate, change the course of the water market. But, being up against free, tell me about your margins.
  4. ..::Guy tries to talk, cut to Kevin::..
  5. Kevin (aka Mr. Wonderful) - margins?? MaRGiNnNs?! He is trying to re-sell something that is free - freeeee. I mean...
  6. Barbra (cuts off Kevin) - You know what, he's got a lot of spunk! (Looks at the guy) You've got a lot of spunk! You'll make it one day. I don't think this is it. Repackaging a widely available product, it's just not there. I'm OUT. But I believe in you. When you have a new idea give me a call.
  7. Kevin (nodding with Barbra) - You have spunk but you don't have an offer...right Mark?
  8. Mark Cuban - No, no. I'm seeing this, I get it, but clear packaging and water. What's the point? My margin on soda is 750% at my movie theaters and stadiums. I'm OUT.
  9. ..:: Guy starts to protest cut to Lori ::..
  10. Lori - um THANK YOU Mark. Clear packaging? You want me to put this on QVC? I mean I'm a branding expert. I could turn this around, but it would just cost too much. I'm OUT.
  11. Kevin (aka Mr. Wonderful) - Well, well, well...seems all that you have left is myself, and Robert. Robert?
  12. Robert - I believe in this. Seems like you have done your research but I need to make a profit. I can offer you $50,000 for 12%...we have to educate a whole market. You will need my help...
  13. Kevin (cuts in) - HA! 12% of your company? I'll make a royalty deal. I get 87% of every unit sold until you pay me back in full. Then I get 10% of the company.
  14. ..:: Guy looks confused ::.. "Will either of you do 11%?"
  15. Robert - I think my time is worth...
  16. Kevin (cutting in AGAIN) - ha...Ha, just because you asked, I'm out. Guess what when a business has no income it's a HOBBY!
  17. Robert (sad-ish smile) - I can't believe I'm saying this but I agree with Kevin. This just isn't a business, it's a product, but I need a business. I'm sorry, I'm OUT.
  18. ..:: Guy smiles, waves. Walks away down the hall::.. " I didn't get a deal today, but I still believe in bottled water."
  19. 💸💸💸💸