If You Could Peek Inside the Food Network Break Room

The food family between takes.
  1. Office services KNOWS, I only drink Brooklyn blend, Christ, who wants to see Bobby make crepes with no caffeine?! NO. ONE.
  2. ..:::Alton buttering a bagel:::...
  3. You know what would be great on that some riCOATa
  4. So now you speak Italian every 10 words? No one asked you to be authentic.
  5. Well, no one asked you to still be around, Mr. Cutthroat kitchen.
  6. At least I'm on during prime time Miss Italy...or should I say Roma?
  7. (Under his breath) Ha, I have a show in every time slot, all the time is Bobby time.
  8. ...:::Guest walks in:::...
  9. Hi, I'm Bobby Flay.
  10. Gilda can I get you anything? My show has extra MOZerEL flat bread.
  11. Upping it to once every 8 words are we?
  12. Wait...you guys actually all hang out together?
  13. Not really
  14. Of course!
  15. 🙄
  16. HEY GUYS! I haven't seen everyone in here in such a long time!!
  17. ....:::Room empties:::....
  18. Ah, yes! Folgers crystals, my favorite!!
  19. ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️