Omg @aus10 you requested this when you were still @workbitch....yikes I'm slow!
  1. Live Oak - Heffe
    The quintessential example of this style. Cloudy but beautiful, orange esters but not overpowering, just enough alcohol to party.
  2. Lakewood - The Temptress
    Rough week? This lil lady is just chillin in your fridge waiting to bring you some sweet, smooth, dark alcohol with just enough bitterness to keep the beer from being too sweet. Genius. Comes in several varieties, but go for the original first.
  3. Jesterking- Montmorancy v Balliton
    Oh my f***king sweet lord...this beer is incredible, mind blowing and I can't get enough. Cherry notes with a lightly sour backbone, settles pleasantly tart. Also look at the color on this baby...tell me you aren't about to Instagram this. (Also super super hard to find but I had to include it!)
  4. Vanilla BBH - Karbach Brewing
    1 - this beer is wayyyyy good. So much better than I expected. Like a more drinkable Bourbon County Stout. 2 - Went to the brewery it is also insane. They've dropped $10m to put in a state of the art system. Honestly I think it's a little aggressive, but if you can go I highly suggest it
  5. I might add to this later...but these are my real "must tries"