👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻 Looking for beerz?
  1. BARS:
    These all have excellent tap lists AND take good care of their product
  2. Tørst - Brooklyn
    Tørst is my favorite beer bar in NYC and possibly anywhere. The bar beautiful & everything is meticulously planned for the best possible beer experience. Taps are ordered from light to dark beer, beer is served using a glycol system that allows for 4 different serving temps & a combo of nitrogen and Co2 for the perfect mouthfeel. I die. Not to mention you can find impossibly rare brews like Cantion, De Struisse, Westbrook Mexican Cale varietals, years-old Firestone beers and more! GOGO GO GOO!
  3. Fool's Gold - Manhattan, Bowery
    My favorite part of this bar is the descriptions on the beer list, so candid, that they comes with a language advisory. EX "nectar of the F**KING GODS," "alcohol so high you'll lose your FACE." Fool's Gold almost always has at least 1 hill farmstead on tap & other coveted east coast breweries. One thing to watch for: they have "tap takeovers" 2-3 times a month. Be sure to check the list bc if you aren't a fan of the brewery taking over, you'll be disappointed. Also ALL of the food is awesome.
  4. Clinton Hall - Manhattan, Financial District
    Always solid, sometimes awesome selection with a specially built "flux capacitor" that ensures each tap line is served at the perfect carbonation and temperature. Plus good burgers and fun outdoor seating with games.
  5. Top Hops - Manhattan, Lower East Side
    Bottles to take or drink onsite plus a solid tap list. Their bottles are organized geographically which is pretty fun! Lots to choose from, this is a great place to try local beers if you want to get to know what New York has to offer. Cheese plates and bar snacks, not a place to go if you're hungry.
  6. One Mile House - Manhattan, Alphabet City
    I've loved this place since I spent my first NYC blizzard here. A great selection with something for everyone, plus full bar. Friendly bar tenders always ready to give tasters and find you the perfect beer. The food is bomb especially their "crackers." I've noticed this is a great place if you like Prairie Artisan Ales (from OKC).
  7. Milk and Hops - Union Square
    Bottles to go our stay, well-curated, if small, tap list. And all the cheese you could ever want. Cheese plates, grilled cheese, cheese curds all the cheese things.
  8. Honorable mentions:
    The Well, Brooklyn / Blind tiger, soho / Growler Bites & Brews, fidi / St. Gambrinus, Brooklyn / Randolph Beer, Alphabet City
  10. SingleCut - Queens
    My new favorite NYC brewery. I came to drop off my NHC entries and grab what turned out to be an amazing beer. This hidden gem is tucked away in queens. It's a beautiful space with friendly and informative tours, several styles of beer on tap, one on nitro, and a couple more in bottles. Everything tastes well-made, clean, classy and professional. I see big things happening here!
  11. Brooklyn Brewery - Brooklyn
    Big, well-known brewery that you can walk to from the East River Ferry. Crowded on the weekends, good beer on tap that you pay for with "tokens" and a tour of a large scale production brewery. Overall an ok experience but worth the visit because you may catch a glimpse of (all hail!) Garret Oliver. I ♥️ him so much.
  12. Other Half - Brooklyn
    This place is tiny, tiny, I'm talking one table so come early if you want to sit! Much like it's brand and beer styles the Other Half taproom has a hipster/eclectic vibe. The beers are always excellent and as fans know, are often in limited supply. No tours (yet). Also it's across from a McDonald's so go ahead and get yo snack on after a visit.
  13. Breweries you can't visit: Grimm Artisan Ales and Sixpoint Brewing
    Grimm is a gypsy brewing business model so there is no physical location. Sixpoint is in Red Hook but there's no tap room or tours, if you knock they won't answer.
    Grab a bottle, make ya body wobble, etc. etc.
  15. Whole Foods Beer Room - Bowery
    Awesome beer selection. Good prices. Growler fills. All the things. This was designed with help from the Sixpoint team and you can tell. The whole thing just oozes a love for beer. Ask what's in the back!!
  16. New Beer Distributors - Bowery
    This place looks creepy/sad from the outside but is an incredible beer labyrinth on the inside! I've found some awesome old bottles here: a '13 Bourbon County Coffee, some old Bruery Christmas beers, etc etc there are so many great beers you won't find anywhere else in the city. Think 40+ options from Canada alone...if you can, stop by for sure! Good prices, too
  17. Good Beer - East Village
    A good little shop in East Village. Great to swing by after some pork buns at momofuku. About 3/4 American Beer with some Belgian and German treasures mixed in.
  18. Also have bottles: Top Hops (above) St. Gambrinus (above), Milk and Hops (above)
  20. Bitters and Esters - Brooklyn
    Honestly this is the only homebrew shop I use/like in the city. The guys who run it are awesome too! If you don't have a set up you can pay to brew your own beer on theirs. Have all the basics in store and they're helpful with Co2 tank replacement. If you show your AHA card you get 10% woo!
  21. MORE?????
    I wrote this whole thing on a subway ride, I'm sure I'm missing stuff! Tell me!