(I just discovered this show...mostly thanks to this app)
  1. Rainbow bagels
    "The biggest problem with your bagels is that they aren't instagramable. I can help you fix that with a little artificial dye."
  2. Coworking space
    "It's way easier to feel good about your work when you sit among some real directionless d-bags. Every time Jared goes to fill his water AGAIN, you'll feel great about those two emails you sent."
  3. Hamilton
    "The hardest thing about musicals is everything has been done before. But you know what hasn't, the biography of the only founding father that wasn't important enough to become president."
  4. Flash Tattoos
    "It's clear that these girls love to buy trash, but how can a local tattoo artist capitalize on that?"
  5. Seamless (or Eat24)
    "What this local deli owner didn't understand is that people are lazy. If there's one thing a lazy person hates more than doing things, it's doing things that require human interaction. My idea: Use the phone to order food AND sign the receipt that way when the meal comes the delivery man can completely avoid eye contact and not speak a single word."
  6. Artisan Taco Shops
    "I can help Riccardo cut down on overhead costs by using the same 8 ingredients to make everything on the menu. All we need are some clever names to distract guests from the fact that every taco was almost exactly identical."
  7. Giphy
  8. Does anyone know where Nathan for You is streaming now?!? I can't find it!!